Bright Owl Marketing Launches Brisbane Office with BRIGHT New Marketing Consultant

Jodie Ferdinand and the Marketing Parliament

Jodie Ferdinand has joined our parliament. Not the one running the country, but Bright Owl Marketing. A group of owls is known as a parliament, which we think is very cool. We also think it’s very cool that we can welcome Jodie to the team. She’s got exactly the right mix of qualifications and personality for Bright Owl Marketing. Her well-earned reputation for management and marketing consulting covers a wide range of commerce, from fashion to homeware, IT, HR and the medical sector.

Jodie is passionate about marketing, and because of her expertise with small to medium businesses, and her specialisation in digital marketing, she is the perfect fit with the Bright Owl philosophy and as our new marketing consultant.

We know how intimidating the big agency marketing execs can be, especially when they swoop in looking like extras from The Matrix. We definitely aren’t one of those typical marketing agencies. Why? Because we know how frightening it can be to start up a new company, especially if it’s a small family firm. One of our passions is helping small companies and creating the right marketing strategies just for them.

With Bright Owl Marketing you get much more than just slick advertising campaigns. We see the big picture and, working within your marketing budget, will come up with strategies that will bring measurable results. We’re able to do that as your marketing partner because we see ourselves as part of your team. We devise integrated marketing solutions that focus on using both online and offline, effective, bespoke marketing strategies for your product or service. We can also assist you with your wider business planning and daily operational tasks.

Our new marketing consultant, Jodie Ferdinand, is not only a source of exceptional creativity but she’s got first-hand experience of owning and running small businesses and holding extremely senior positions in large organisations. She will review your current marketing plan and provide real, practical advice for a prosperous way forward.

Another great plus about having Jodie on board is that she is based in our new office in Brisbane. It’s a great base for her as she consults not only in Brisbane, but Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast as well.

The only thing we may have in common with those agencies is a particular fondness for low-fat lattes. So, call and tell Jodie how many sugars you take and she’ll have a couple waiting for you to enjoy while discussing your business, your industry, your target audience and the marketing strategies you already have in place.

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