How to Adapt and Use Blogs in Other Media – A Definitive Guide for Content Creators

Do you often run out of ideas when it comes to regularly posting fresh content to your marketing channels?

What if you found a way to streamline the content marketing process?

In this post, we’ll be sharing some tips on how to build an engaged and responsive fan base by creating blog posts, audio and video channels from just one content idea.

Why is it necessary to run a Podcast, Blog and Video channel?

The only way to build a responsive fan base is by focusing on improving your reach, engagement, and attention. Here’s a guide on how to use a podcast, blog and video channel to achieve that.

Use Blog Content to Build Reach

Reach has to do with visibility. Your blog can easily help you achieve this. Creating written content will put you in a position to improve your reach significantly.

Use video content to build engagement

Once you get your content out there and people begin to find you, you’ll need to have a way of engaging them. At this stage, people are finding your content and getting to identify with your brand. While you can become popular via written content, it takes a great writer to churn out content that captivates and engages the reader.

How about doing what we are already used to doing every day? Talk to people! Video creation comes to mind.

People find it more convenient to watch videos, so directing people to a YouTube video as a “next step” shouldn’t be a problem. Then they can see you and relate to you in person – a great way to build engagement.

Use Audio Content to Build Attention

When communication through video, you need to grab the attention of your viewer within the first 8 seconds, or you lose them forever. And if you can get that out of the way, the next milestone is just within your reach.

With audio, grabbing attention becomes a lot easier. It’s not uncommon to find people listening to a podcast while driving, cooking or mowing the lawn. They sometimes need some entertainment or inspiration when doing tedious tasks, which makes it easy to get several hours of their attention effortlessly.

Let’s look at the Tim Ferriss Show – It’s a popular internet show, has millions of people listening to episodes that are over two hours long.

Attention and popularity will help you to gain the trust of people. Once you gain the trust of someone, they become your fan and won’t just stop singing your name.

Building a Content Stack for your Podcast, Blog, and Video Channel

I’m sure you are wondering how you are going to come up with all these content. Well, you can do this by adopting a new approach to content creation.

The game plan of many people is just to get their content out. For instance, if you are in the fitness niche, you might write a few articles on Paleo recipes, create a video on stretching, and create a podcast on kettlebells. You create and publish each content one after the other. But you are not building on anything even though you may have good content.

You will find more success if you build on your first content idea.

Craft a Plan for Your Content

A content plan for your podcast, blog post or video is where it all begins. Again, using the example of the fitness niche, your content idea might be planned around ketogenic diet, and you then come up with a bullet point plan on the topic, as outlined below:

  • Overview
  • Keto principles
  • Keto recipes
  • Common problems
  • First steps in starting

Then try expanding the topic by adding about three to five sub-points. Note that no comprehensive information is required at this stage.

Once everything is set, create a simple video with the bullet points acting as your script. You should use the bullets as a guide but shouldn’t sound like someone reading directly from a script. You should consider signing off at the end of each section of your video.

After creating your video, divide the content into sections (each section should revolve around one bullet point) and then publish them to YouTube one at a time. Using the fitness example above, the overview video can be a concise introduction to the topic; the ketogenic principles talk about the theory, etc. This means that you will end up with five short videos in the end.

Next, extract the audio of the complete video and make a podcast of between 20 to 30 minutes or longer. Then finally, you should write a post around the plan and post it to your site.

Take Full Advantage of Content Stacking

When you create each type of content in sequence, you will be able to save more time than when you have to create the elements individually. Having a solid plan in place can help speed up the writing process. Creating your video should be very easy too, because you already have a script to work with and your thoughts are well organized.

In the end, you would have created several content pieces just by working with one content idea. The quality of the content will also be higher since you taking the time to work extensively on each concept.

Also, by stacking all your ideas, you will gain lots of raving fans: the video will help get more engagement, the blog post will increase your reach, and the podcast helps you get more attention. First-time visitors are more likely to become your fans when they are exposed to all three channels.


If you are really interested in making the most of content stacking, you may want to consider creating various episodes. Create up to 15 episodes, all connected. In the end, you will end up with a complete guide on the topic, segmented into different episodes.

You will get a more fruitful result from linked episodes than endless episodes on random topics. And more interestingly, seasons can be used for larger repurposing. For instance, you might:

  • Convert a series to an ebook and use it to capture leads or sell it.
  • Make a podcast series into an audio book and sell it or allow people to download it for free.
  • Create a course from a video series.

So when working on your next content idea, it’s better to break it down. Think of creating a series of episodes rather than a single content, and you will see much-improved results.

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