How a Digital Marketing Agency like Bright Owl Marketing Can Help Your Small Business in Australia

Don’t be mistaken: every business requires promotion to remain competitive. A company can’t harness its full potential without leveraging smart traditional and digital marketing innovations.

Also, marketing has evolved. Before now, promoting a brand was limited to a few options. Today, the internet has changed everything, and you can now reach your potential customers easily.

Online marketing, as a field, is a complex one, and businesses need the service of versatile organisations to help them grow. We often refer to these experts as digital marketing agencies. A digital marketing agency like Bright Owl Marketing can offer digital marketing solutions such as content creation, web design, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, pay per click (PPC) marketing, as well as other digital solutions like email marketing, video creation, and lots more.

Should Small Businesses Use a Digital Marketing Agency?

But the question is: will small businesses benefit from all these digital services, and should they be securing the assistance of a digital marketing agency?

Here’s a question we need first to ask: Is your business experiencing the challenges below:

  • Are you finding it hard to get clients?
  • Do even the simplest of tasks overwhelm you?
  • Do you find yourself not concentrating on revenue-yielding activities?
  • Are you selling yourself short by trading time for money?
  • Do you feel restricted to a state of feast or famine?
  • Are you losing customers to competitors with substandard products?

If you are facing any of the issues mentioned above, then you are probably focusing on the less productive things rather than concentrating on things that improve your business. Okay, managing small businesses is far from easy. We all agree!

You are probably finding it hard to find the balance between numerous daily tasks and that most important activity – bringing in new customers. Managing a successful website, let alone having a well-coordinated digital marketing approach, can be extremely challenging.

How will you deploy the right resources and turn them into sales machines? How will you ensure you are equipped with the right tools to analyse, measure, and help improve your sales?

Well, help is not far away… Lots of businesses are turning to the services of Bright Owl Marketing, where they outsource their entire marketing strategy to increase their brand recognition and sales.

Okay, then comes the big question, isn’t that an additional expense? The answer is ‘no.’ Securing the services of a marketing agency is more cost-efficient than employing and managing staff, and that will free up more time, which can be spent on other productive tasks.

Here are some of the benefits your business can derive from a digital marketing agency:

Cost-effective digital marketing solution

The importance of marketing for businesses cannot be overemphasised. However, years back, only the mega brands had the resources to harness it. The reason was that even the simplest of marketing tactics were too expensive. Small businesses would decide on posting classified ads in a local newspaper – ads that would probably get a limited reach.

The internet has changed the entire landscape since it came on board. Now there are different platforms and channels to get your message out. Where you had to take a gamble and post newspaper ads, you can now set up an Instagram or Facebook page, publish content, and promote your business at no cost. There are also lots of other marketing channels that small businesses can leverage.

Although some online marketing tactics are super simple to handle yourself, lots of them require a higher level of proficiency. Therefore, for an excellent result, your best bet is to secure the service of a digital marketing agency. While this might cost you some extra money, the cost of acquiring each lead is significantly less than conventional marketing methods, and the ROI justifies that.

Campaign management

Bright Owl Marketing is an agency that can help you create a profitable campaign that will analyse your target market, the tools and software at your disposal, and the best way to deploy them, the other channels that should be leveraged, and the best way to track your results. We will analyse the demographics and interests of your target market (we’ll shed more light on that later) and where they are in the buying cycle, so you know the best types of keywords with which to target them, as well as what platform to promote for the best ROI.

More importantly, if you already have your tools and software, a digital marketing agency Sydney can help you integrate them to develop a winning strategy that works across all departments and media.

Persona Development

If you approach a layperson and question him about marketing, he’ll probably start talking about “advertising,” and that way, he’ll only be scratching the surface. Research plays a crucial part in marketing. Companies spend billions annually to understand and get to know their ideal customers. No business can run a successful marketing campaign without it.

Luckily for us, the internet makes it easy to track most of these data, such as the number of social media follows, websites visits, and so on. Online reviews provide another excellent resource for businesses to generate real-time feedback to use in their marketing. But handling all these tools and data and using them to create a winning marketing campaign require the expertise and professionalism of a digital marketing agency.

Thus a digital marketing agency Melbourne can be extremely beneficial for new companies looking to work their way up. An agency can create a viable marketing plan for the company to implement for years.

Brand Growth

Let’s assume you are presented with two running shoes. Both are similar in appearance and quality. However, while one of them carries no logo, the other has a Nike logo. If you were asked to make a decision, you’d probably pick the Nike shoe. This simple illustration shows the critical role branding plays in marketing. Most new businesses are hoping they can command massive brand loyalty like Amazon one day.

While you may think that is a monumental task, don’t forget that the journey of a thousand years begins with a step. Besides, growing a brand isn’t that difficult these days, thanks to the tools at our disposal. Digital marketing agencies such as Bright Owl Marketing can help you achieve results faster. Digital agencies take up the responsibility of designing, growing and marketing your brand, as well as improving it. These companies already have a strong foundation in place that could get your brand out there sooner rather than later.

Online Space

In the ever-dynamic business world, businesses must observe market trends and watch their competition closely. If you are still stuck with traditional marketing methods while your rival businesses are doing online marketing, you will probably get blown away quickly. How will you compete? A digital marketing agency like Bright Owl Marketing can spy on your rivals and not only copy their successful online campaigns, but improve on it and give your business its voice in the ever hostile marketplace. Otherwise, your business will always be several steps behind the competition.

Lots of businesses use online marketing rather than traditional methods, and about 95% of them are set to spend more on it in 2020. No doubt, online marketing is the future, and the experts in that field are digital marketing agencies. Today, businesses that want to grow significantly will need to work with an agency like Bright Owl Marketing, and they will be better off acting sooner rather than later.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Another responsibility of a digital marketing agency is to help you optimise your content to rank high on the search result pages (SERPS).

At Bright Owl Marketing, our team can even help you create well-researched, keyword-rich content while implementing winning on-page and off-page SEO strategies, resulting in a high click-through rate and engagement from readers. They will also build niche-relevant backlinks from authority websites and leaders. Also, your internet marketing agency can help keep your content updated in the ever dynamic web content landscape. In short, they are always on the grind and watching your back.

Social media marketing

The truth is in the mix: did you know that more than 70% of people are going to make a buying decision based on referrals from social media? As well as promoting your content online through various social media channels, your digital marketing agency Brisbane will help you map out your social media strategy by targeting your potential customers that will help drive discussions online, build relationships and trust, and really engage people so your content is enjoyed and continually shared. This shows that those people in your community endorse your well-written content and will therefore promote your key messages to a much wider network.

Hassle-free Integration

Your entire content should be a subset of your overall strategy that leads prospects into your sales funnel, rather than an isolated piece. Bright Owl Marketing can help you craft your whole approach to ensure every piece connects and centred on prospects and customers. Implementing a content management system that allows all web pages and blogs to direct readers to a lead capture page, a digital marketing agency can use follow up messages and workflows to increase sales conversion. This type of strategy ensures:

  • Consistency (each communication supports the other)
  • Coherence (there’s a connection between each communication type)
  • Continuity (using key phrases that link each post to a campaign)

The outcome? A content strategy centred on the customer. If you are not getting the desired ROI, an agency can easily take care of that by analysing every metric, discarding what’s not working, and adopting the winning formula and many other resources to create successful campaigns for the present and the future. Managing all your digital marketing platforms and solutions can be challenging. However, with the help of an agency like Bright Owl Marketing, you will be able to spend more time on other areas of your business while they create a marketing plan that reduces your data management and workload, as well as bring in more website visitors, sales and brand visibility. Your bottom line will thank you for that.

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