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Client: ANSEA Consulting


ANSEA is an international healthcare consulting firm with its head office in Singapore, that focuses on Asia and Emerging Markets. They specialise in pricing, access and reimbursement, stakeholder engagement, policy shaping and capability development in Asia and Emerging Markets. Their strategic expertise is based on in-depth industry experience of country healthcare system in the emerging markets. Their expertise in medical science, business acumen and our network of partners embedded in every Asia market allows them to provide valuable insight and solutions to all our clients.

Ansea Consulting came to Bright Owl Marketing because they were seeking a slide capabilities deck to be used as a sales tool to assist with their business development processes.

They have previously outsourced to a graphic designer to help create the deck which has taken considerable time with limited results.

Bright Owl Marketing proposed to create a slide deck that is more representative of the ANSEA brand. The previous designer hasn’t really paid any attention to their logo and used this to influence the entire design. The use of the logo colours and three circles and fonts should have an impact on the overall design.

In addition to this, the slide deck needs to convey that ANSEA are experienced consultants, specialising in Healthcare (pricing, patient access, health economics, value), and based out of Singapore. It also needed to be editable which can cause an issue for most designers as they primarily use InDesign to create documents. We proceeded with this method as the creative output from Indesign is far superior than trying to create a presentation directly into PowerPoint, which is what the previous designers were doing. We then created all the design elements individually after the presentation was approved by the client, which was then passed to our PowerPoint specialist who recreated the exact same presentation in PowerPoint. This means the client can now edit the text for future business development proposals rather than having to engage Bright Owl Marketing for every minor change. This method does cost a bit more, but ANSEA will save a lot now they don’t require a designer to update the presentation again.

Bright Owl Marketing have designed a multitude of PowerPoint presentations and can help your business create stylish and sophisticated presentations that are edible, and save you a bunch of money in design costs down the track. Get in touch for more information.

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