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If you’re new to Australia then Settle Inn is the perfect place to start. Settle Inn provides International Students, Freelancers, Travellers and New Residents all the help they need with starting out in a new country. Just for starters they can help with accommodation, employment, language skills, mentoring and even networking. Members have the ability to rent an affordable space to work from. They can also attend seminars and have loads of business promotion opportunities. There is also an amazing social scene for newbies and even wellness programs to ensure you stay fit and healthy on your new adventure. Settle Inn truly is the best place for you to make your grand entry into Australia, and it’s only costs $20 month. You can’t beat that!

What sets Settle Inn apart from other shared workspace offices and hubs is that it is a fully customised eCommerce solution. With other hubs you have to send an enquiry before someone gets back to you with pricing and booking availability. Whereas with Settle Inn, all you have to do is sign up to become a member, then use the intuitive booking portal to find and secure your time at Settle Inn. Whether you need some extra room to do computer work, or book out the entire space to run a workshop, Settle Inn caters for every opportunity.

The staff are absolutely amazing at Settle Inn and have every bit of experience when it comes to migration, finding new accommodation and anything else you could imagine. With their assistance you will find yourself in a safe environment surrounded by people that are just like you to make you feel welcome. Settle Inn offers the most comprehensive services that are unrivalled in the country. Please check out the website at and let us know what you think. All the best!

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