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John is a talented, genuine businessman with a wealth of varied experience at all levels; who deserves respect from those likeminded people who are keen to get on in life through hard work, purpose and persistence.

His sole focus is to build long term business relationships; instead of a quick sell and gone. I was struggling with my small business after 18 months, wading through PR, back office requirements, cleaning, building the business, training staff etc…

John took the time to quantify the chaos, provide a reality check, and re-ignite the pilot light before I burnt out, by providing direction, guidance and purpose to our business. His perception and astute judgement of people was certainly beneficial with regard to staff development and training. Perhaps the most productive advice he provided, was to be single minded with your time wherever possible – stay on task. Achieve small goals, towards your target. With multiple questions and conversation, he provides clarity and vision with ongoing support via phone, email and text. His IT knowledge in generating tools for cash flow, budgeting etc… Is excellent and easy to work with. John is very selective with his client base. His support is reassuring; his timing impeccable. You have no option but to rise to the challenges he sets, knowing it can only assist the development of your business towards growth and potentially a position of Super profits to on sell, or franchise out. Take the challenge.

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