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The Badminton Hub was created for anyone who wanted learn badminton in a friendly, inclusive and supportive environment. What sets The Badminton Hub apart is its distinctive and entertaining group training programs that are designed for all player levels and abilities to learn the correct technique, improve their skills and footwork, and to have fun and make new friends while training as well. Unlike other coaching programs, there are no lock in contracts and players do not have to pay up front for the term.

While The Badminton Hub is developing an academy that they’re growing in Melbourne, the online coaching program has been created for anyone to access no matter where they are located. It is the first of its kind in Australia, and even the world, and there is nothing similar offered with the level of site functionality and sophistication within the client portal, and we are excited to see what type of results can be achieved for the brand.

The future of The Badminton Hub is to further develop an extensive community of players from around Australia where we can support their goals to improve their badminton and connect with them through various channels which include the website, email, social, web events, weekend in-person badminton clinics (Australia wide), and coaching programs delivered online and through our group coaching sessions at various locations throughout the week.

Our Approach

The Badminton Hub logo and brand was designed to incorporate a stylised shuttlecock with a focus on good design and a strong sense of community which the branded wanted to embrace. The colours really stand out amongst their competitors and signify trust and reliability, while the light blue gives the brand youthfulness and relates to its younger audience too.

Bright Owl then developed all the supporting brand collateral which included a stunning new custom WordPress website, which included wireframe development, graphical elements, copywriting and eCommerce integration for online membership.

Bright Owl Marketing also helped create the 12 month marketing plan for the business, where a number of online and offline marketing strategies were devised and are still being implemented, which include:

  • 12 Month Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Service Development & Pricing
  • Custom Website Design & Development
  • Email Lead Nurture Sequences
  • Email Communications
  • 20 Page Lead Magnet Design & Copywriting
  • Video Production
  • Club T-Shirt Design
  • Logo Design
  • Brochure & Flyer Development
  • Website & Brochure Copywriting
  • Blog Writing Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google PPC Campaigns
  • Social Media Content & Advertising
  • Local Directory Listings & Advertising
  • Photography

The Challenge

Although the business owner has been coaching for 20 years and played at a national level in badminton and was able to use his extensive badminton network to kick-start the business, there was still a lot of ground work to establish the brand online and grow the membership base. Careful planning was required from the initial logo concept, to developing and pricing different services available, then designing how this would be presented online via the website, social media, directory listing, brochures and merchandise. The first year was spent on planning and creating the brand, then the second year we focused on marketing the business, first to a local Melbourne audience before expanding to Australia and the rest of the world in year three.

The Results

With rigorous planning and a strong emphasis on maintaining brand consistency both online and offline, the business has now successfully launched with great impact in the badminton community. After 6 months the website is achieving number 1 in search results for “Adults Badminton Coaching”, “Badminton Coaching Melbourne” “Kids Badminton Coaching” and “Near Me” searches. The PPC campaign also provided additional benefit, especially in the first few months as the site was still ranking for some of the keywords. The client now has over 200 active members and receives 3-5 new enquires each week via the website. The number of group adult and junior badminton sessions has grown from 1 to 6 per week, with a number of private coaching sessions offered in addition to this. The next phase of the marketing program is to launch the online membership and we will provide further updates as the business continues to grow.

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Our Raving Fans

Sporting Club – Social Media Marketing Agency

Thanks so much Gin and Craig for all your hard work and helping us to effectively communicate with our diverse swimming community. The Social Media workshop was pivotal to our success and all of our team members are have been brought up on the latest technology and have the confidence to implement social marketing campaigns effectively now. Many thanks also for all your newsletter and blogging services to help us engage with our members, which have seen a sharp increase since we have been doing it on a more regular basis now, thanks to you.

Fitness Professional – Marketing Plan – Website Design

Craig, without you as my marketing guru I don’t think I would have ever realised the dream of having my own business. Your marketing plan really helped me map out how my services are unique and different from the competition, and it also provided me with a great sense of structure and purpose too. With so many different marketing activities to implement you were so good at helping me break it down into bite-sized chunks and make it so easy and manageable. Plus you were great whenever it all got too much and I needed a shoulder to lean on. I’m so proud of my new brand, the fantastic website you created and all that we have achieved in the short space of time. Here’s to the future! Thanks again.

Marketing Workshop & Plan – Healthcare

Thank you Craig for your email follow up from our meeting last week. It was a joy to meet you in person and I really valued the time you provided and the generous sharing of your ideas. Of course, I was buzzing afterwards thinking about possibilities and trying to digest your comments. I feel like I have calmed down now and see my vision more clearly. I have also calmed about my competition and am so pleased I have found you to collaborate with to bring my vision to light, rather than trying to pit myself against the competition that beat me to it – this includes my review of the member fee and dropping the more formal aspects of advertising that I thought would be necessary.

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