Bright Owl Marketing consists of a team of highly regarded and experienced agency professionals that specialise in all different types industries – from Travel Agent marketing to Manufacturing, from Healthcare marketing to Financial Services – we are bound to be able to help your business, no matter how niche your products and services are. We also like to think outside the box and as an agency and choose not to follow the crowd, which ultimately benefits you.

Not only do we provide a tailored marketing solution for your business, our specialist marketing consultants are not afraid to tell you what we believe is right, even if it might not be what you want to hear. We believe that honesty is our strength and it also drives us to succeed in every element of your business.

We also believe that it’s important to build a consistent brand message across all of your marketing channels. This is where Bright Owl Marketing can use their collective expertise in Advertising, Marketing, PR and Online to ensure clients combined marketing is working to reach the same desired goal for their specific industry.

For some sound advice or BRIGHT ideas that boost leads, sales and profits you can engage one of our marketing consultants for as little as an hour to discuss how you can transform your marketing effectiveness, both online and offline. We never try to sell our clients anything, we only recommend what we believe will improve your business.

Our service delivery is extensive and includes all areas of print and digital marketing, design and advertising which are always centred around the right strategy for each individual client.

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Marketing Consultants and Brand Strategy – Professional Associations

Dear Tess and Craig, thank you for your assistance with bringing MPA “up-to-date’ and for the time and energy you have both put into taking our organisation to the next level. We look forward to working with you again in the new year.

Marketing Workshop & Plan – Healthcare

Thank you Craig for your email follow up from our meeting last week. It was a joy to meet you in person and I really valued the time you provided and the generous sharing of your ideas. Of course, I was buzzing afterwards thinking about possibilities and trying to digest your comments. I feel like I have calmed down now and see my vision more clearly. I have also calmed about my competition and am so pleased I have found you to collaborate with to bring my vision to light, rather than trying to pit myself against the competition that beat me to it – this includes my review of the member fee and dropping the more formal aspects of advertising that I thought would be necessary.

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