Lead Generation

If you’re tired of chasing new prospects and frustrated with inconsistent sales results, then our lead generation services are just for you.

At Bright Owl Marketing, we have the best lead generation experts that can use traditional direct marketing and modern digital marketing techniques.

We can customise any campaign using a combination of offline and online multichannel marketing to help maximise your return on investment. This means you will receive:

  • A continuous pipeline of qualified sales opportunities
  • Improved sales team effectiveness which means more targeted selling time

We have specific services that can be completely tailored to your lead generation and sales requirements and suitable for all types of businesses, whether is be a restaurant, eCommerce Shop, a traditional bricks and mortar business, or even a business that operates in a complex sales environment.

We can also use a combination of telemarketing, SEO, Google Adwords, digital marketing, Clickfunnels, Chatbots, email sequencing, social media and much more to create one powerful multi channel lead generation strategy.

Clickfunnel Kickstarter

Set-up from$3500 (ex gst)

Create the perfect Clickfunnel campaign to attract leads fast

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Messenger Chatbots

from$500 / month (ex gst)

Grow your business with Facebook Messenger Marketing

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Telesales Lead Nurturing

from$2900 (ex gst)

25 telesales hrs over 2 weeks. 50 qualified prospects, guaranteed!

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Clickfunnel Kickstarter

As long as you have a business, we can create the perfect Clickfunnel package that will attract leads fast and help boost sales!

When you use traditional online sales funnels means, it means that you have to have a good website, design specific landing pages, and ensure you have adequate hosting before you even start. They can be hard work are often time intensive and very expensive.

Clickfunnels on the other hand, is a state of the art online sales funnel builder that is designed to help small business market, sell and deliver their products and services online. We love using this tool because it can be completely customised for any business and industry segment. This means we can create funnels for webinars, sales, membership sites, and even subscriber lists.

In this kick-starter package we will design a marketing and sales funnel from the ground up based on the outcomes of our strategy and planning session to understand your business in greater detail. We will then create social posts designed to attract your key buyer personas, followed by targeted email sequences to build a relationship and earn trust with your audience.

Your Clickfunnel Kick Starter Package includes:

  • 2 Hr Strategy Session covering Personas, Value Proposition, Customer Journey, High level Competitor Positioning, Channel Map
  • 5 Posts across 2 social channels (Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn)
  • Clickfunnel set up
  • Up to 5 Email Sequences

Set Up Cost: From $3,500 (ex gst)
*Social media advertising & stock images are additional

A monthly management fee will apply thereafter. Prices may vary from basic changes to clickfunnel leadpages vs. social media advertising required to further generate leads.

Do you need help managing your clickfunnels and leads?

If you want to outsource the management of your Clickfunnels, social posts, email sequences and lead generation to our experience digital marketing team, then please get in touch with us and we can tailor a retainer package just right for you.

You will also have access to exclusive small business rates and prices for all other marketing services such as web design, online marketing, brand development, advertising and printing.

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Messenger Chatbot Marketing

With 80% open rates and 25% CTR, Chatbots are the future of digital marketing.

If you have an eCommerce business, restaurant, franchise or any other business that has customers messaging you with questions, comments, or complaints on Facebook, then chatbots are a great way to automate the most common customer interactions.

In this digital age, customers expect super-fast responses from businesses on Facebook, and chatbots will help you deliver the right answer as soon as a customer asks.

In some ways, chatbots act as a bridge between your website and sales person. But they also offer a great way to build your subscriber list, qualify leads, nurture prospects, take payments, broadcast specific messages and even create exciting promotions. You can also combine Facebook ads with chatbots, automate follow-ups, and include bots in any campaign sequence.

Chatbots go further than email marketing by answering simple questions, plus they allow you to ask general questions to help you learn more about users. Then based on the user’s answer, the bot can tag them or save their response to a custom field and then follow up with another relevant question. In other words, bots can automate a task and free up your time for more meaningful conversations.

Chatbots also offer amazing value because of their flexibility, which means we can customise a bot to suit your specific business requirements, your customers needs, and a variety of situations, without it being spammy. And here’s a great package to get your started…

Your Messenger Chatbot Marketing Package Includes:

  • 2.5 Hr Strategy Session covering Personas, Value Proposition, and Customer Journey. We also do a review of current conversations (via messenger & email) and look for ways to seamlessly automate these so they fee natural. Our goal is to improve the customer experience and not be spammy.
  • Manychat Setup – ManyChat is the #1 bot platform on Facebook Messenger for marketing, e-commerce, and support
  • Website and email linking to your bot campaign
  • Zapier Setup – Zapier helps connects systems to each other, like messenger to email, so that you can capture leads straight into your CRM or email campaign manager (where no native integration exists).
  • Set up Welcome Messenger and Live Chat
  • Create Follow Up Manychat Sequences
  • Setup eCommerce Shopping Assistant
  • Tutorial Session to show you how it works
  • BONUS – We also provide free setup of a coupon, booking, or offer to get you started.

Set Up From: $800 (ex gst)
Monthly Management Retainer From: $500 (ex gst)

Minimum 3 month contract
*Social media advertising & stock images are additional

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Contact us today to find out how your business can benefit from using Chatbots and Facebook Messenger Marketing.

One of our friendly marketing consultants will ask questions about your business, industry, target audience and current marketing activities to see if our services are a good fit.

There is no obligation for you to pay for any other marketing services. You can book with confidence and no risk as we stand behind all of our services.

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Telesales Lead Nurturing Campaign

25 telesales hrs over 2 weeks. 50 qualified prospects, guaranteed!

Our Lead Starter Campaign is ideal for clients that want to test the outbound lead generation to see if it’s right for their business, which would typically experience complex selling environments requiring a more consultative and lead nurturing approach.

The benefits of using the Telesales Lead Nurturing Campaign will allow you to:

  • Create faster sales cycles and more sales opportunities
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Focus on your core service
  • Lower business development overheads
  • Gain market intelligence
  • Set the foundations for long term lead generation success

We use the following to help qualify a prospect:

  • Customer profiling to understand your target market
  • Marketing data lists to identify your key prospects
  • Outbound telemarketing to reach prospects
  • Email template creation
  • eMarketing and tools to monitor prospect activity
  • Content Development Strategy
  • 5 Questions answered to help qualify your customers
  • Set call-back times for your team to re-engage
  • Permission based marketing methodology
  • Email opt-in confirmation

What is a qualified prospect?

A confirmation that the prospect is the right decision maker, opt-in email address, permission to contact again, call back date and a minimum of 5 qualified questions answered. A qualified prospect can be customised to suit individual business needs and is a great way to make sure your time invested in marketing is always hitting the right decision makers.

Receive Ongoing Lead Nurturing Support

Another benefit of our specialised lead generation service is that you can maintain the relationship with your new customers while reducing wasted internal resources chasing long term prospects by introducing a strategy that delivers relevant content and timely phone conversations.

Lead nurturing is the process of building relationships with qualified prospects that are not providing a short terms sales opportunity for your sales team.

The added benefits mean that you build more trust with your longer term prospects, develop stronger sales pipelines and more consistency with marketing messages being delivered.

Telesales Lead Nurturing Campaign

25 telesales Hours over 2 weeks
50 qualified prospects, guaranteed!

Cost: 2,900 + gst

If you require database the following fees apply:
List Rental Set Up: $450 + gst
Minimum 1000 Names: $495 + gst

Get started today!

Contact us today to find out how your business can benefit from our lead generation services.

One of our friendly marketing consultants will ask questions about your business, industry, target audience and current marketing activities to see if our services are a good fit.

There is no obligation for you to pay for any other marketing services. You can book with confidence and no risk as we stand behind all of our services.

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Raving Fans

Marketing Consultant – Business to Business

I worked with Joanne for two years  and admired her passion and commitment to providing excellent service for internal and external stakeholders. She has the ability to understand complex business issues and create sound strategic marketing plans that delivers results.

Bendigo Marketing Consultants

I would like to thank Craig from Bright Owl Marketing for all his help over the last year. When we look at where we were a year ago, and look out how our marketing department has developed under the guidance of Craig it is great to see how much has been improved! 

When we first started working with Craig he really took the time to get to know our product and industry and feel that all the advice he gives is tailor made and specific to the needs of our business and the industry that we work in. 

Not only has he come up with some really innovative ideas, but he has followed up on a weekly basis and offered training where necessary to ensure that we are getting the most out of his services and products. This has worked really well with regular telephone catch ups and visits to our offices for brainstorming sessions. It is great to know that I have Craigs support and can always shoot him an email if I need some marketing advice and will hear back the same day.

I feel personally that I have a much broader understanding of marketing now and how it can benefit our company thanks to Craig sharing his knowledge and expertise. He has helped implement multiple new initiatives and brought us up to speed with modern strategies for increasing customer touch points, and really getting ourselves known in the market. We have updated a lot of our collateral and when Craig helped us launch our new rewards program his designer did a fantastic job on the brochure, really eye catching and in keeping with the branding that Craig helped us develop. 

Really great to see such tangible results from our work together! Thanks Craig!

Marketing Consulting – Business & Technology

Virginia has run Indice’s marketing communications for the past two years, developing and implementing campaigns within our rapidly growing, Australian-born but internationally-based tech company. Under Virginia’s supervision, Indice’s marketing material, e-newsletters and events have become more effective, efficient and professional. Indice’s website, which Virginia developed and implemented, has become an important tool for winning new business and maintaining global momentum.

Virginia has an ability to turn highly technical subject matter into information which can be understood by everyone from engineers to procurement managers; from executives to trade journalists. We would recommend her to anyone seeking a passionate, skillful and dedicated marketing consultant to enhance their business goals.

Marketing Consulting & Plans

All I can say is that your marketing plan was just the thing I needed to kick start my business to the next level. It was detailed and actionable, and I love how you summarised everything so concisely – a constant reminder for everything I have to achieve over the coming year. It’s since been five years since I started with Bright Owl Marketing, and I am loving every year as the team continue to help grow my business.”

The best part about the process is Craig’s intuitive style and easy-going approach. You totally understood my business model and where I was coming from. Your ability to build on my business strengths has been clearly demonstrated with the direction of the marketing plan and the business success I’m experiencing already.

Quite frankly, I’m over the moon with how affordable it was. Plus you really took into consideration my available budget and time so I could implement some of the marketing strategies myself. A great experience still to this day!

Darren Kelk started as a sole trader specialising in unique travel experiences. He doesn’t have the biggest budget, but he knew he needed a solid marketing program that he could implement over a 12-month period. Bright Owl Marketing did the initial assessment and created a marketing plan that built on his personal strengths and created additional revenue opportunities. As Darren builds most of his business on referrals, we were able to devise several automated marketing processes to help continual build and incentivise his referral network. He has also introduced a member rewards program which is also proving a hit.

Darren Kelk has also received the Most Improved Travel Manager of the Year in Victoria, as part of TravelManagers 2011 annual awards. It has been five years now and Darren is going from strength to strength with well a crafted monthly eNewsletter, Social Media promotion, print advertising and specialising in niche tours. Bright Owl Marketing has been helping him every step of the way as he grows his business.

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