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Bright Owl Marketing is passionate about creating multi-dimensional marketing experiences that are fresh and exciting. No matter what stage of business you're at, we have a marketing solution that can help you every step of the way.


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We have marketing consultants in Sydney that can provide a whole array of marketing services to help your business grow. We love taking businesses to the next level, whatever your direction, budget, or objectives.

Whether you are a small business owner, startup or service provider, Bright Owl Marketing provides easy going support where will take care of all your marketing requirements, from website design, digital marketing through to strategic planning and brand development. We play the role of a marketing partner – someone that understands your industry and goals and can help you make the most crucial marketing decisions. Our Sydney marketing consultants are well-grounded in all forms of digital and traditional marketing and are Certified Practicing Marketers with the Australian Marketing Institute. We’re straight shooters who offer practical advice that produces measurable results, and will point out what’s not working and which campaigns need to be tweaked along the way.

When should you work with a marketing consultant?

Some businesses prefer to handle all of their own marketing activities. But these businesses boast a robust marketing budget as well as a large team with specialists in every marketing disciple. Even big brands find it difficult keeping abreast of all the new marketing innovations and trends, which is why many outsource to a marketing consulting firm to help further their chances of success.

Here are some of the reasons businesses are getting in touch with us:

  • They do not want a full-time marketing manager but are only interested in working with a marketing consultant.
  • They are trying to leverage the crucial skillset that they lack.
  • They seek an external perspective to review their underperforming marketing campaigns.
  • They need a budget-friendly marketing plan that works even during harsh economic periods.
  • They need help implement SEO campaigns that outperforms their direct competitors.
  • Underwhelming sales and conversion rates.
  • Want to better understand the metrics and data they get from their campaigns.
  • They need help implementing a short-term marketing project.


of working with a Bright Owl Marketing Consultant

If you are finding customers hard to come by, then you should give us a call now so we can help you reach your business goals faster. If you want to maximize your return on your marketing investments, you'll need to know the ins and outs of marketing and get real, professional advice right from the start.


At Bright Owl Marketing, we serve businesses in all types of industries, offering them cutting-edge marketing consultancy solutions, especially in areas that require specialised marketing skills, and also in the role of a part-time marketing manager.


Our team of marketing consultants have over 20 years experience working with businesses and helping them get the best out of their marketing campaigns without the need to hire extra personnel. This means that you will be working with seasoned professionals who are obsessed with delivering results for businesses, both big and small.


Our consultants adopt a meticulous approach to every project they undertake. After creating your strategic marketing plan, they'll come up with the right solutions that could be a mix of both digital and traditional marketing campaigns. We can help increase your sales while spending significantly less. In short, you can count on our track record in helping businesses like yours find success.


Every senior marketing consultant at Bright Owl Marketing is a Certified Practicing Marketer with the Australian Marketing Institute and has extensive digital and traditional marketing experience under their belt too. We never lose track of current marketing trends and the goal is to give you the best service every time.

Our digital marketing consultants are versatile in
several aspects of digital marketing, which includes:

  • Managing Projects

  • Strategic Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Developing Persona

  • Brand Development

  • Creating Content

  • Website UX Design

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Operations

  • Reporting ROI

You might want to call us your reliable marketing partners, helping you handle all the tedious stuff so you can focus on where your strength lies.

We can help grow your


We deliver tailor-made solutions for your brand, Google search marketing, social media marketing, and any web-related marketing campaign. We can also juggle different marketing campaigns and come up with a proven 12-month marketing plan. We are ready to help your business grow!

Marketing Plans

The recent economic downturn has hit the world so hard, and we know that keeping your customers happy is more challenging than before. With so many marketing strategies available today, it's easy for businesses to get lost and make the wrong choices. You don't want to waste scarce resources implementing outdated marketing tactics to promote your business and brand.

Choosing the right marketing strategy for your business goals and needs isn't a walk in the park, it takes careful consideration. Our consultants at Bright Owl will craft a customised marketing strategy that's suited to your business goals.

Our consultants are highly experienced and know exactly how to turn marketing inputs into leads and sales. They can plan and implement the perfect marketing strategies that yield amazing results while making the most of the data generated to further tweak and optimise your campaigns.


Website Development

There's more to a successful business than just a pretty website. These days, any developer can put together and launch a website – but your business and brand deserve more. We don't just make cool-looking websites. We set up functional websites with high-converting copy and landing pages that are optimised to convert traffic into leads and sales.

We also optimise them for SEO so your potential customers can easily find you when they type relevant questions and keyword into Google. Aside from creating a sleek website, we incorporate cutting-edge functionality that gives you a good chance to become an authority in your niche or industry.


Branding and Design

We've helped many brands and businesses achieve tremendous results just by amplifying the benefits of their products or services and implementing an irresistible call-to-action with brand consistency and authority that enhances every customer touchpoint.

But for your business to remain dominant and relevant, the future should be as important as well – where do you see your business 6 months, 2 years, or even 10 years from now. That's the reason we continue to push ourselves to the limit to give you a strong brand identity with a high-converting website, an iconic logo, and engaging content that leaves a lasting impression on your visitors.


Search Engine Marketing Consulting

Appearing close to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) can be daunting, but our seasoned team of experts are up to the task. They can implement a proven SEO and marketing plan that ensure your website is optimised for the most searched, low-competition keywords.


Social Media

Social media has made it easy to stay in touch with your prospects and customers, thereby giving your brand more credibility. However, succeeding with social media is not as easy as just posting random stuff and tagging a few people. It's best to work with a proven plan that's focused on building your brand.

Let Bright Owl Marketing help you implement a proven social media marketing strategy that brings in targeted traffic and conversions like clockwork.


Lead Generation

Lead generation is as important to the success of your business as making sales, and Bright Owl Marketing can help you craft tailor-made solutions that deliver impressive ROI. As your business brings in well-targeted traffic, we will keep tweaking and optimising your campaign to get the best out of your ad budget. Our customised solution is designed to work regardless of your business model.


Content Marketing

Content, they say, is king. The lifeblood of any marketing activity is quality content. Whether it's autoresponder emails, social media posts, marketing materials, or content for your landing page, quality content will always give you an edge. Our content creation service is sure to increase your conversions and ROI.

Our Sydney-based consultants can design marketing plans that are tailor-made for your objectives. Whether you need great content to flex your muscles as an authority, marketing material to showcase the benefits of a newly launched product, or content for your social media channels, we are a phone call away.


Email Marketing

The importance of email marketing in today's digital world cannot be overemphasised. The team of professionals at Bright Owl Marketing will help you create proven email campaigns that take your revenues and conversions to the roof.

We automate your email marketing campaign, saving you time and money while bringing in qualified leads.



Push or pull marketing, which should I choose?

Push marketing, as implied by its name, is all about "pushing" your products or services to a targeted audience. The goal is to ensure your audience sees your products as soon as possible through your marketing. For instance, with the right content, you can push your products or services via social media.

For pull marketing, it's all about attracting prospects to your services or products. The goal is to get them into a funnel by using marketing material and content that solve their problem.

Both methods work great for generating leads. If you want to achieve brand growth, push marketing is your best bet, and while it's effective for lead generation, it won't generate as many conversions as pull marketing. Pull marketing uses strategies such as Facebook ads, Google ads, and SEO to pull in potential customers, and research has proven that it can lead to more conversions.

Both marketing methods are effective for lead generation. Push marketing is best for growing your brand, and while it can bring in leads, it doesn't generate as many conversions as pull marketing. Pull marketing draws potential customers to your offer via activities such as SEO, Google Ads, and Facebook, and studies have shown that it delivers more conversions.

What makes Bright Owl different from other agencies?

Our team of experts at Bright Owl Marketing are passionate about exceeding customers' expectations every time. We are meticulous in our approach. Most people who speak to us are wary of trusting another agency because they have been taken for a ride by marketing companies that only flattered but failed to deliver. We will design marketing solutions that are tailored to your goals. We adopt a hands-on approach – we review, monitor, and tweak your campaigns for the highest ROI.

I'm on a shoestring budget. Will I be able to compete?

Lots of businesses work with limited budgets. Small businesses should be fine if they stick to a holistic approach when marketing. Working with Bright Owl marketing allows you to leverage proven strategies and ideas that can deliver amazing returns even when you are on a budget. Our team of professionals will create a plan that ensures success on any marketing platform.

Do you guarantee results?

We all know nothing is guaranteed in life. After analysing your business, if you meet our requirements, you can succeed when you work with us. We know what we are doing when it comes to marketing online and getting unbelievable results. Our experience, expertise, and track record are an added advantage. A trial will convince you. Get in touch with any of our seasoned marketing consultants today.

Do you only do digital marketing?

We have a team of professionals who are proficient in Video Creation, Social Media, Marketing Strategy, Website Development, Copywriting, Photography, Graphic Design, Advertising, Printing, and Public Relations. Our unrivaled customer service and thorough approach get the job done.

Will you agree to work with our competitors?

Our objective is to ensure you dominate your niche. That means we will shut out your competitor while working with you. Also, we don't recycle the same audience and targeting. That means every solution is customized for your business objective.

How do I go about contacting a marketing consultant?

First, you can set up a physical meeting with a Sydney-based marketing consultant who is close to your location and is an expert in your specific niche. You will share with us the objective of your business, your ideal customer, and your existing marketing strategy, so we can come up with the best approach for you. We will then look at your competition, market, and other crucial metrics. Within the first month of our working relationship, we will create a viable marketing strategy that addresses your business objectives. By the second month, implementation will begin promptly and we'll track and monitor your marketing campaigns. We will be giving you progress reports all through the process. Give us a call today to schedule a no-obligation and free consultation. Don't have time for a physical meeting? No problem. We are always available for a Zoom meeting.

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Marketing Consultants and Brand Strategy – Professional Associations

Dear Tess and Craig, thank you for your assistance with bringing MPA “up-to-date’ and for the time and energy you have both put into taking our organisation to the next level. We look forward to working with you again in the new year.

Marketing Workshop & Plan – Healthcare

Thank you Craig for your email follow up from our meeting last week. It was a joy to meet you in person and I really valued the time you provided and the generous sharing of your ideas. Of course, I was buzzing afterwards thinking about possibilities and trying to digest your comments. I feel like I have calmed down now and see my vision more clearly. I have also calmed about my competition and am so pleased I have found you to collaborate with to bring my vision to light, rather than trying to pit myself against the competition that beat me to it – this includes my review of the member fee and dropping the more formal aspects of advertising that I thought would be necessary.

Marketing Workshops – Travel Industry

Hi Craig, a special thank you coming your way from me too! Your presentation was spot on! 

I honestly believe that the messages you were re-enforcing regarding all the marketing initiatives that we’ve been trying to push from our side, did have a greater impact on our managers than we can actually achieve ourselves. So thank you for taking the time and showing such interest in our Company Agencies team and what we’re trying to achieve with our own marketing activities. 

Hopefully our paths will cross again in the future.

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