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Are you a Personal Trainer, Health & Fitness ProfessionalLocal Gym or a Sporting Club? Then Bright Owl Marketing can help you better connect with your community and help them achieve their personal best.

Over the past few years the industry has changed with some gym chains and fitness centres now offering 24-hour access, which has certainly fuelled growth for the health industry, while making it very affordable and accessible for customers. The rising health awareness and high obesity levels have also prompted further growth together with the fact that exercising and “working out” has become a more mainstream activity in Australian lives.

But if you’re a Personal Trainer wanting to go out on your own, or if you’re a local gym that doesn’t compete with the larger franchisees, then how to you differentiate yourself in this highly competitive market?

By giving people a greater awareness, good authoritative content, and to give people a community with sense of belonging is a great way to help each other to keep fit, eat healthy and motivate each other. This is where Bright Owl Marketing can help you stand out from the crowd and ensure that you deliver on your brand promise to your customers.

Our Services Cover

  • Strategic marketing and communication plan development
  • Developing your unique sporting product or health service
  • Membership pricing strategies
  • Corporate wellness programs
  • Growing club memberships
  • Affiliate marketing and non-competing sporting alliances
  • Building your social media community based on your brand pillars
  • Regular eNewsletter communications and blogging
  • Public relations for special events and health and fitness professionals that offer something new and different
  • Utilising Apps effectively to enhance the user experience or social interaction that comes with engaging a personal trainer or being part of a sporting club.
  • Rewards programs that utilises social media to reward users with special offers for high-level engagement or participation within their community. Plus they allows user to see how friends in their network are staying active.
  • Google Adwords and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Our graphic designers, web developers and copywriters have excellent experience in the sports and health industry and can create a range of materials that will speak directly to your customers and are consistently delivered across multiple platforms. Our creative services cover:

  • Web design and development
  • Logo development, brand and campaign identity
  • Print materials including brochures, flyers, postcards and advertisements
  • eNewsletters and social media design
  • Signage and trade marketing displays

If you are a health and fitness individual or organisation that wants to raise your business profile and improve the way you engage your community then Bright Owl Marketing can certainly help you achieve this as your preferred marketing partner.

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Our Raving Fans

Sporting Club – Social Media Marketing Agency

Thanks so much Gin and Craig for all your hard work and helping us to effectively communicate with our diverse swimming community. The Social Media workshop was pivotal to our success and all of our team members are have been brought up on the latest technology and have the confidence to implement social marketing campaigns effectively now. Many thanks also for all your newsletter and blogging services to help us engage with our members, which have seen a sharp increase since we have been doing it on a more regular basis now, thanks to you.

Fitness Professional – Marketing Plan – Website Design

Craig, without you as my marketing guru I don’t think I would have ever realised the dream of having my own business. Your marketing plan really helped me map out how my services are unique and different from the competition, and it also provided me with a great sense of structure and purpose too. With so many different marketing activities to implement you were so good at helping me break it down into bite-sized chunks and make it so easy and manageable. Plus you were great whenever it all got too much and I needed a shoulder to lean on. I’m so proud of my new brand, the fantastic website you created and all that we have achieved in the short space of time. Here’s to the future! Thanks again.

Business Coaching

John was referred to me by an industry colleague, and I have to say, I have certainly achieved an amazing amount of growth in a short space of time, thanks to John. John has been an amazing sounding board for my thoughts and ideas, and is always available with a cheery outlook at the end of the phone or email. His skills and knowledge with regard to running a business and creating growth is outstanding. He is great with numbers and also has a very personable, warm approach, with a positive outlook towards business and life. My confidence in business has soared to new levels thanks to John. I trust him implicitly and expect he will be a part of my business for many years to come. All small to medium business owners wanting to have an outstanding business must take the time to speak with John.

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