Retail Marketing

If you are running a retail business, whether bricks and mortar or online, then the customer holds the essential element if you want to achieve real success. The key is to know them, to focus on them with everything you do and say which will ultimately help your business to grow.

But how do you know what you should be focusing on to help improve your understanding of your customer? Bright Owl Marketing have helped retailers offering Food Products, Music and Staging Equipment, Kitchenware and even Fashion Labels and Stores to help fine tune your marketing systems and go the extra mile for the customer. Each time you must continually strive to deliver a little more than they expect, which will create a real win and make them loyal for a long time to come.


Retailers use lots of different communication tools to grow awareness and considerations with future customers. But there is a need to find the right marketing mix in order to make a positive return on investment. This means you need to focus on the Four P’s, which are essential to Retail Marketing.

  • Product: Your customers need to be able to buy a product that will satisfy their needs and desires, whether it be sporting equipment or a boutique clothing store.
  • Price: Pricing must be consistent across the marketing mix and cover the cost of goods sold and any overheads. But there are lots of different pricing strategies that can be applied including the cheapest price, high/low pricing, competitive pricing and even psychological pricing.
  • Place: You must provide somewhere for your customers to purchase your product, whether it be a physical retail location or an e-commerce website.
  • Promotion: Once you have a product, ready to be sold at the right price, in a place where the customer can access it – you’ll then need to tell them about it. Effective promotions may include personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, and publicity. This is where we can really help you find the right advertising and communication strategy to help customers choose your retail brand over the competitions.

Our Services Cover

  • Strategic marketing plan development and communications schedules
  • Customer surveys in order to gain valuable insights
  • Promotions and tactical offers to drive product trial
  • Distribution channel development
  • Public relations activities to launch a new product range and educate the market
  • Social media: growing communities, campaign development and product advertising
  • eNewsletter communications: to stay top of mind and promote seasonal and various offers regularly
  • Rewards and incentive programs
  • Google Adwords and SEO: effective for gaining product visibility and cut-through
  • Local paper advertising and editorial
  • Launch events and trade shows


To get the best impact, your brand needs to be consistently applied across multiple channels with design flair that matches your brand values and service delivery. Our graphic designers, web developers and copywriters all have experience with the needs of professional service organisations, which include:

  • eCommerce website design and development using Paypal or any major credit card transactional gateways
  • Creating your brand and product labelling
  • Developing your online communications including eNewsletters, social media and website content, blogs and landing pages.
  • Print materials for flyers, brochures, in-store posters and postcard mailings
  • Trade show displays and signage

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Our Raving Fans

Website Design – Retail Marketing

Craig is tremendously knowledgeable, creative and personable and all three qualities are very important to me in choosing people I do business with. He strikes a perfect balance of professionalism and personal attention. I have enjoyed working with him on my new website and I am always impressed with the work he does for me.

Brand Building Workshop – Music

Thanks so much for your visit to deliver the brand workshop. It was great to meet you and Melissa. The brand guide is absolutely perfect. Now it’s just a matter of integrating these brand messages into current marketing channels now. We would now like to discuss the next project with you regarding our new music range.

Public Relations and Communications Consultant – Fashion

I have known Melissa Jenkins for over 20 years, working with her both in corporate marketing at Telstra and as a new online e-commerce, fashion & jewellery business owner of Style Palette.

Melissa has a creative flair that follows through from her amazing creative thinking to execution in market.

She is diligent and will aim to get you the best targeted public relations coverage for your brand. She is always professional and delightful and highly recommended as a public relations consultant.

FMCG Marketing Plan & Consulting

I would highly recommend Craig to any business looking for someone to quickly and efficiently understand their marketing needs, and translate them into an easy to follow and actionable marketing plan. We asked Craig to help us with a range of marketing initiatives including PR, social media, advertising, website and partnership marketing, and his team were truly great and enthusiastic to work with. It was great pleasure to work with someone that fully embraced our missions and values, making you feel like you have an additional dedicated member in your team.

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