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InTravel Group is a boutique corporate travel service that is 100% Aboriginal owned and operated. They pride themselves on their relationships and understanding of their client’s needs, and can adapt to service your demand so you always receive the highest level of customer service from their dedicated travel professionals.

InTravel Group’s founder, Dwayne Good, is a travel professional with extensive experience in the corporate travel sector. Unlike the majority of his industry colleagues, Dwayne is Aboriginal. His unique perspective allowed him to notice the opportunity gap when it came to Indigenous employment and drove him to envision a business model that would lead by example in the quest to create employment opportunities for Indigenous community. This mission is already gaining momentum, with businesses taking notice of the CSR benefits of doing business with ITG and prospective professionals joining the team as trainees and becoming some of the best in the business.

What Makes InTravel Group Different?

As an Indigenous business, their organisation is built with the vision of delivering superior travel management services, while creating employment and development opportunities for Indigenous communities. Supply Nation reports that for every dollar spent with an Indigenous business, a social return investment of $4.41 is generated, which means that every trip can create a positive social footprint.

Bright Owl Marketing is absolutely loving working with InTravel Group and has helped further develop his brand and implement a number of marketing initiatives:

  • Marketing Workshop & Plan
  • Social Media
  • Capabilities Brochure Design and Content
  • Social Impact Flyer Design and Content
  • Social Impact Framework Presentation Design and Content
  • Email Newsletter Design and Content

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to upcoming projects. Dwayne has big plans and we are really exciting to help him navigate the next chapter of his business well into the future.

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