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Client: Malvern Travel & Cruise


With over 60 years (combined) travel industry experience, the Malvern Travel & Cruise team understand what is needed to make their clients travel dreams into a reality while providing insider tips and ideas on how to gain the most from the journey.

Bright Owl Marketing helped Malvern Travel & Cruise develop their brand and launch their email marketing strategy over 5 years ago, and they’re still using it as their primary sales tool to this day. The email communications are sent out every month with regular sales bursts in between. The email strategy can easily measure the success of their campaigns and is an effective sales tool.

Please contact us if you wish to see the full eNewsletter template design.

“I am completely satisfied with my experience with them and would have no hesitation recommending them for brand and web design to my travel clients and professional colleagues.”
Justin Lawson, Malvern Travel & Cruise

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