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Trees Impact is renowned throughout Eastern Australia as the only nursery that truly specialises and grows large domestic and suburb streetscape trees. They are also known as Australian native species specialists and have received wide acclaim throughout the community and their practices are now accepted as the key benchmark in Australia. Much of their business involves growing trees under contract, which have been commissioned for projects well into the future where only the best will do.

After nearly 30 years, their reputation for quality landscape trees is unrivalled. What we love about this business is there staff and directors are stable, committed and hugely experienced – and all are active in day-to-day operations. Repeat business levels are exceptional, and their customer service and support is constructive, prompt, thorough and reliable at all times.

Bright Owl Marketing was delighted to help Trees Impact with a new branding initiative to help create a brochure to promote their services and achievements to potential buyers, including property developers, local government, universities, golf courses, parklands and landscape architects, contractors and designers. The brochure incorporated images which the owner took at the nursery and also custom graphics which really brought the brochure to life. The colours used reflected the original logo colour, but it also incorporate rich and light greens to reflect different tree types and maintain the link with nature.

Increasingly, the designers and developers of important projects recognise the need to secure supply of their bigger trees long before planting. Otherwise, when the time comes for last-minute shopping, the trees needed simply will not exist – leading to the disappointment and the need for major compromises. The brochure therefore aims to educate and inform potential buyers and is available in hardcopy format as a takeaway from every meeting. A clear call to action was also placed on the brochure to make it easy for interested parties to contact Trees Impact directly for more information.

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