7 Tips For Trade Show Displays

Preparing for a trade show display can be a daunting task, especially if you’re a start-up or small business. So here are a few quick tips to help you work out what you need to take and how to present it in the best possible way.

1) Make Your Display Simple and Uncluttered

People make decisions in seconds as to whether they should stop by your booth. A visually appealing, organised and tidy booth presentation with all your products at eye-level will draw customers to your display

2) Concentrate on the Key Message

Your booth needs to say who you are and what you do both visually and with enticing words. Many companies fail miserably by stating everything they do with bullet points. Remember you only have seconds to grab the persons attention, not provide an essay about your business. Save the sales pitch for when someone actually stops.

3) Place Information Within Arms Reach

Displays with information about prices, ordering process, postage and shipping costs or any other basic information is good to have at arms reach for those having to wait while you’re serving other potential customers. They’re also good to have for people who are time poor and need to collect as much information on the run. Remember to print ample quantities of your marketing materials to ensure you never run out!

4) Pull a Crowd to Your Display

Interactive displays always draw a crowd as people love to get involved and be part of the action. Using quizzes, computer games, contest draws, demonstrations will guarantee people gather around your display. Think about the kitchen utensil demonstrations at local shopping centres – I always come away with the latest vegetable peeler.

5) Promote Yourself With a Giveaway

Smaller items are best for promotional giveaways as they are small and can fit into people’s bags. By adding a logo and key message will also extend your brand exposure beyond the booth. Coasters, mouse pads, memory sticks, business card holders and stress balls are good examples or brand building memorabilia.

6) Differentiate Yourself

You are competing with many other booths to grab peoples attention in a limited time and with little memory space. Good use of colours, easy to recall key messages, eye-catching marketing collateral always help to differentiate against your competitors. Your personality will also set you apart as people as people are drawn to sincere, genuine and those who listen carefully and with interest. At the end of the day, this is what creates valuable business relationships.

7) Engage and Follow Up

Be warm and friendly with all visitors and be ready to ‘chat’ and find out what aspect of your business they’re interested in. Be ready to answers all types of questions and provide specific solutions to their business needs. Try to be as concise as possible and not to overwhelm them with information. Get there details and follow up with a phone call, email or regular email as soon as possible. The faster you get onto this, the more you’ll stand out form other competitors and be top of mind with your prospects.

Two things to remember

When putting your displays together you have to consider two main aspects for a successful trade show display:

  1. Make them visually appealing and interesting enough for people to stop by and take a closer look, and 2
  2. Be ready to engage people with conversation and provide all the necessary information required to close the deal. If you complete these two things it will prove to be an incredible source of leads and contacts to help you grow your business.

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