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The Centre for Perinatal Psychology is Australia’s only national group of psychologists specialising in services to mothers, fathers, infants, couples and families during the perinatal period. Bright Owl Marketing was asked to help develop a marketing plan, and through the execution of that plan we created the new brand and website, plus a membership program and all the supporting collateral. The project included:

  • Marketing Workshop and Plan
  • Development of National Membership Program for Perinatal Psychologists
  • Logo Design for Centre of Perinatal Psychology
  • Development of sub-brand for Centre for Mindful Parenting
  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Brochures
  • Copywriting

“Thank you Craig for your email follow up from our meeting last week. It was a joy to meet you in person and I really valued the time you provided and the generous sharing of your ideas. Of course, I was buzzing afterwards thinking about possibilities and trying to digest your comments. I feel like I have calmed down now and see my vision more clearly. I have also calmed about my competition and am so pleased I have found you to collaborate with to bring my vision to light, rather than trying to pit myself against the competition that beat me to it – this includes my review of the member fee and dropping the more formal aspects of advertising that I thought would be necessary.”
Bronwyn Leigh, Perinatal Psychology

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