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Pirotta Services Commercial is a family owned company founded in 1995 that specialises in construction and commercial fitouts in Melbourne. They have immense experience in all aspects of commercial office fitouts, including construction, refurbishments and building maintenance. In 2016, the next generation took over the business, and with this came new ideas, better processes and the latest design and construction trends for interiors and building solutions.

Bright Owl Marketing was delighted to help Pirotta with many of the marketing requirements including:

  • Marketing Workshop & Plan
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Website Design and Development
  • Logo Enhancements
  • Collateral Design
  • Copywriting
  • SEO Advice

As the next generation took over the business, so too came a whole round of brand development initiatives which included the redesign of the website. The client wanted to use the strong green and purple colours which were part of the family emblem which had been passed down through generations. Bright Owl Marketing created a website that was image led, and could show off all the amazing work the team at Pirotta have created over the years. They also wanted to simplify their service offering into 4 key areas with a strong call to action on every page. A blog was added to educate and inform their audience with the latest design tips and trends, plus social media links have been placed so that users can see the company from a different perspective. Bright Owl also wrote all the sales copy for the landing pages on the website which has been keyword optimised for search engines. The client was really excited to see the final result and was amazed just how easy it was to update the site in the backend. Bright Owl Marketing mainly use WordPress for all their website design projects as it is the most user friendly and can easily be updated by any developer.

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