Blueprint for Creating the Perfect Lead Magnet

Ingredients: 6 cups of whole meal flour, 2 cups of water, 1/4 ounce of active dry yeast, 3 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of canola oil, 1 tablespoon of salt.

That’s the recipe for delicious homemade bread.

Although following the recipe is critical to making a good loaf, you still won’t get anywhere without all the required ingredients.

Also, if you want to a perfect lead magnet that pulls in leads like clockwork, you need to have the right ingredients.

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Lead magnet explained

Before we proceed, let’s quickly explain what a lead magnet means: a lead magnet refers to incentivised product or offer given away to your visitors in exchange for their email address or other personal information.

Metaphorically speaking, a lead magnet is your apple pie on a window sill or a scent wafting openly and attracting everyone to look more closely.

And if you are successful with that apple treat, then…

  • You get found by many of your potential customers
  • Your subscriber base grows, which means more leads, better engagement, and most importantly, more sales.
  • More and more people get to know about your brand
  • A more improved reputation in your chosen industry
  • Your lead magnet could go viral, attracting tons of leads

It’s a worse decision to use a lead magnet that’s irrelevant to the interests of your target audience (your list of subscribers remain the same, and you end up wasting your entire ad budget)

Frankly speaking, your lead magnet can kill or make your marketing campaign.

So, my instinct tells me that the next question you will ask is: “what are the right ingredients for a lead-pulling, brand-growing lead magnet?”

Every lead magnet should have these three essential ingredients:

1. Make sure your lead magnet is targeting the right audience

Before you outsource an eBook to a freelancer, you need to ask these two questions:

  • What point are your prospects in the buying cycle?
  • What’s the best form of lead magnet for those prospects? Both are related: the choice of your lead magnet should be determined by where your prospects are in the buying cycle.

Your potential customers are always at different stages in their quest to become paying customers.

We can categorize those stages by:

  • Awareness
  • Deliberation
  • Decision

If most of your visitors are hearing about you for the first time, they belong in the awareness stage and your lead magnet should:

  • Get them to know your more
  • Position you as an expert who understands what they are going through
  • Make them opt in to your list so you can start building a relationship with them
  • Consist of resources such as tools, eBooks, reports, and quizzes.

Those who belong in the deliberation stage are analysing their options. To prove you’re their best choice for your prospects, your lead magnet has to show that you can solve their biggest challenges. Case studies, videos, whitepapers, and short courses are perfect for these types of prospects.

If you have leads that are ready to buy, you need to get in front of them and convince them to do business with you.

If you are preparing a lead magnet for prospects in the decision stage, free trials, discounts, detailed reviews, demos, or other things that help them make up their mind are great.

2. Make sure you focus on the right problem

Remember I talked about how it’s important to consider two crucial things before you create a lead magnet?

Well, I fibbed a little.

You actually need to consider three things, not two. But the third is a stand-alone point on its own – that’s how important it is.

Your prospects should crave your lead magnet, and to achieve that, you need to ensure it solves a problem they are facing.

If your website is a health store and there is interest around new treatment for osteoarthritis, you should consider exploring that topic. If customers are finding it difficult to determine the best vitamins or ointments for them, it’s an issue you should address.

Food for thought: if you want to achieve great results with your lead magnet, it should be easy for people to understand. The best way to approach this is to use expressions that your audience understands.

If your audience is familiar with your industry, using industry-specific terms and jargons can help show your expertise. But if they have little to no knowledge about the industry, you should simplify your language to accommodate them.

3. Point your prospects to the next step

Don’t leave your audience hanging when they arrive on the last page or at the final frame of your lead magnet. Show them where they should go next.

Giving them a “next step” means you are pointing them to a place where they can get further help with the challenge they have. It’s rare to stumble on a lead magnet that answers all the prospects’ questions, and even if you find one, there will be new problems to be solved.

A next step also does a good job of moving them closer to the point where they will do business with you. Prospects might have joined your list for a free report, but that report can point them towards a free consultation where you educate them more about your business.

This becomes even more important if your prospects are at the awareness or deliberation stage of the buying cycle. No matter how impressed your prospects are with your lead magnet, if you don’t tell them where to go next, you will lose most of them.

* * *

Do you have lead magnets that are bringing you the most success? Do you have other lead magnets in your arsenal that need a revamp, using the above points, so your prospects can find them easily?

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