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Boronia Travel Centre is a small business that specialises in battlefield tours to Gallipoli, Vietnam and the Western Front. Despite having several employees, the marketing function was shared and performed on an ad hoc basis. This meant that many marketing activities were prioritised last. Bright Owl Marketing provided a dedicated marketing consultant to their business without the overheads of hiring someone full-time. In the short period of six months the following initiatives were achieved:

  • A new battlefield website was created and written by a Bright Owl Marketing consultant. They have doubled their website traffic since it was created.
  • They achieved page 1 ranking for selected keywords in only 2 months
  • We brought more traffic to their new website by growing the number of visitors who take actions (conversions)
  • A new monthly newsletter was created to send out to their new database which is continually growing each week
  • We revised their print advertising strategy, applied new direct response marketing techniques to achieve better results, and negotiated better advertising rates on their behalf.
  • We created monthly press releases that were distributed to a variety of print media contacts, online forums, blogs and news feeds, which further helped their search engine optimisation (SEO), and generated more enquiries from their advertising strategy.
  • We also revised and improved on their Google Adwords strategy, generating a lower cost-per-click, and better quality leads.
  • But we haven’t stopped here – We are still creating new automatic marketing processes and further developing and leveraging some of their great strategic partnerships to keep this business moving forward.

“My current website was looking tired and I knew it needed a revamp. But it was difficult finding a person who could tackle all of my marketing requirements and understood the battlefield tour market, a very niche and involved area of the travel industry.

Craig very confidently project managed the entire website development, from the design through to the copywriting, optimising the content for search engines and implementing suitable Google Adword strategies. In fact, within the first month of operation I was driving more traffic to my new website compared to my old website.

As an experienced marketing consultant, Craig has been able to take the bull-by-the-horns with all of my marketing requirements and incorporating them into one cohesive marketing plan. This involved writing and distributing press releases, advertising, and brochure development, and seamlessly integrating them with our online marketing strategy. We’ve been so happy that we’ve been using his services for over eight years now.

Craig is a very conscientious and determined marketing professional who is clearly passionate about his business. My only regret is that I didn’t find him sooner”.
John Waller, Boronia Travel Centre

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