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Whether you’re a startup or large business and might not be ready for a full time HR resource or perhaps you have an in-house team, then Empowered HR can integrate seamlessly as your fully outsourced solution and will support your specific business requirements. Empowered HR has a passion for helping businesses understand their people more effectively, whether you need to develop new workplace policies, enhance your team culture, employing new staff or trying to get your employer obligations correct. The team at Empowered HR works hard to empower other business owners to help improve staff performance, which ultimately increases customer satisfaction and leads to a thriving business.

Bright Owl Marketing loved working with Empowered HR business owners, Lorraine and Carolyn, to help them bring their brand to life at every touch point. The branding deliverables includes:

  • Marketing and Brand Builder Workshop
  • Logo Design & Development
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Business Cards, Letterhead & Email Signature Design
  • Website Design
  • Copywriting
  • Ongoing Marketing Advice & Support

Empowered HR really love the final result of the brand exercise as the logo and supporting collateral really balance versatility and adaptability. This means they have been able to use it on business collateral like business cards and letterhead, email signatures and social media platforms. The dark blue colour provides trust, while the light blue adds a sense of freshness to the brand and enables Empowered HR to engage older and younger audiences and diversify their service offering.

The logo is also appropriately designed in a manner that has created sense and meaning for Empowered HR and what it stands for. This has been conveyed through the logo icons (Cord People), the different shades of colours and providing a sense of balance by placing “HR” below. The logo provides a more grounded presence in order to ensure confidence in conservative industries such as finance.

If you are thinking of changing your logo then it needs to align to your brand positioning. You’ll need to ask yourself what are the similarities between your old brand and new brand identity? Do they represent a small shift or a major strategic change. And does this change feel appropriate given the level of change in your business. If you need help defining or positioning your brand, then please get in touch with the team at Bright Owl Marketing.

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