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My BUSINESS VALUE PROPOSITION is to become your LONG TERM partner in every marketing decision you need to make to make your business more SUCCESSFUL

Can you identify with any of the following frustrations?

  • You spend hours trying to market your business and are not making any in-roads
  • You’re wondering how to get the most value for your marketing dollars
  • You know that marketing is essential to your success, but you don’t have enough time to become an expert or search for fresh ideas that could really boost sales
  • You have a business which should be killing the competition but your customers seem to go elsewhere
  • You have an online presence but your customers can’t find you

… Or have you ever simply wondered if such a service exists that could solve all these problems?

If you’re anything like most businesses out there you’ve probably answered “yes” to at least one of these questions.

This is why I would really like to help you benefit from my extensive work experience in this field.

This is what I do every day

Melbourne Marketing Consultant Sydney

Hi, my name is Craig Pethebridge and I help business owners, just like you; develop tailored marketing solutions for their business. I’ll tell you what’s working, and what isn’t in terms of your marketing program. I’ll even find fresh ways to produce more business at less cost, and be accountable for results, every time.

  • I have been able to help my clients achieve their business goals without the need of adding an extra overhead or another headcount.
  • I’ll work with you to get the most from your marketing budget, and develop integrated marketing solutions than don’t simply focus on advertising or social media, but the entire marketing function.
  • I will identify effective online and offline strategies that are going to give you the biggest bang for your buck. Just like your accountant or financial planner, I am always only a phone call away to help guide you through the marketing minefield and make informed decisions about new opportunities that may arise.
  • I am also a CERTIFIED PRACTISING MARKETER (CPM) with the Australian Marketing Institute, specialising in developing effective marketing solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

Professional Experience

  • Marketing Manager, Hotels and Retail – Crown Casino
  • Brand and Product Manager – Jetstar Airways
  • Marketing and Communications Manager – Fairfax Media
  • Senior Product Manager – Fairfax Media
  • Marketing Manager, Professional Development – LexisNexis
  • Marketing Manager – Informa


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand and Product Development
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Customer Touchpoint Marketing and Communications
  • White Labelling
  • Travel Marketing
  • Professional Services Marketing

JUST THINK OF BRIGHT OWL MARKETING AS YOUR OUTSOURCED MARKETING DEPARTMENT, freeing you to concentrate on running your business without worrying about where your next enquiry or sale will come from.

Not only do I have extensive experience but I have a REAL and GENUINE PASSION to help business owners achieve marketing success, I have selected and manage a STRONG TEAM of LOCAL SPECIALISTS in the areas of Public Relations, Graphic Design, Web Development, Social Media, Copywriting, Printing and Digital Marketing. My team are true professionals that have a passion for marketing, and love being challenged with new ideas and doing things differently. It is our unique approach to business and customer service, which fosters a fantastic community which we are all proud to be part of. And that makes a real difference!

Get started today!

Contact us today to find out how your business can benefit with the help of my team at Bright Owl Marketing.

I will ask questions about your business, industry, target audience and current marketing activities to see if my services are a good fit.

You will start experiencing a rapid boost in leads, sales and profits as soon as you start implementing the practical and easy marketing steps that will guide you to business success.

Client Testimonials

All I can say is that your marketing plan was just the thing I needed to kick start my business to the next level. It was detailed and actionable, and I love how you summarised everything so concisely – a constant reminder for everything I have to achieve over the coming year. It’s since been three years since I started with Craig, and I am loving every year as the team continue to help grow my business.”

The best part about the process is Craig’s intuitive style and easy-going approach. You totally understood my business model and where I was coming from. Your ability to build on my business strengths has been clearly demonstrated with the direction of the marketing plan and the business success I’m experiencing already.”
Darren Kelk, Darren Kelk Travel

“I would highly recommend Craig to any business looking for someone to quickly and efficiently understand their marketing needs, and translate them into an easy to follow and actionable marketing plan. We asked Craig to help us with a range of marketing initiatives including PR, social media, advertising, website and partnership marketing, and his team were truly great and enthusiastic to work with. It was great pleasure to work with someone that fully embraced our missions and values, making you feel like you have an additional dedicated member in your team.”
Mai V. Haven, SlimPasta

“It was an absolute please working with Bright Owl Marketing through the design and launch of my new brand and the development of my travel website that quickly ensued. Craig and Melanie continually met and exceeded my expectations during the entire journey. I couldn’t fault any of Mel’s initial design work, and Craig’s expert knowledge of the travel industry really shows with the quality of the deliverables. I am completely satisfied with my experience with them and would have no hesitation recommending them for brand and web design to my travel clients and professional colleagues.”
Justin Lawson, Malvern Travel & Cruise

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