One Solution to All Your Marketing Woes: Hiring A Marketing Agency

Are you an entrepreneur? Or you own a thriving business? No matter if your business is in the early stage or you have made it big, there is always a possibility of doing more. A vast number of potential clients can be tapped by targeting with the right approach.

A marketing agency converts your target audience into customers by creating and implementing successful online and offline marketing strategies. There are numerous advantages when it comes to marketing agencies’ services. If you are facing any of the following scenarios, then now is the time we should have a little chat:

  • Sales are becoming stagnant
  • Things are just not getting onboard
  • You have realized you don’t have the marketing skills
  • You lack the good and qualified leads
  • Your marketing results are a miss or hit
  • You keep guessing what is working and what is not
  • You lack the budget required to hire an in-house marketing team

In-House Team vs Outsourcing Marketing 

Marketing is, no doubt, a department that continuously asks for more and more. More efficiency, more productivity, more leads, and more sales. Usually, marketing teams are left with restrained resources, lesser budgets, and there’s a lack of adequate training as well. If you hire an in-house marketing team, there are chances of spending the entire budget only on payrolls without getting the desired skill sets or results for that matter.

On the other side, if you outsource all the marketing requirements, the quality of services by an agency is something that can keep you up at night. But here’s the deal: it’s not only you who is facing this dilemma; almost all industries are facing this challenge and it is something that every manager should carefully address.

Although an in-house marketing team and a fully outsourced marketing solution have their own shortcomings, there are many factors that ranks marketing agencies at the top for business growth.

Why Outsourcing is Becoming a Preferred Choice?

According to Accenture’s report namely ‘Turbulence for the CMO’, marketers are inclining toward marketing agencies in Sydney such as Bright Owl Marketing and are readily outsourcing around 45-75 percent of their overall marketing activities.

Choosing between a marketing agency and an in-house marketing team has the potential to impact revenue growth. If you are still sitting on the fence, let us give you some reasons to outsource your marketing requirements.

  • Helps focus on business operations:  Usually online marketing means getting new people on board to run online campaigns. As you would be working with an in-house team, you will need to provide additional time, assets, and resources to them which can create additional stress and in turn hamper business growth.

With an agency as your ally, you simply share your business goals, your expectations, and timeframe. There is no onboarding, training, or managing required for an agency as all marketing elements are handled by professionals who have years of experience so that you can focus on your core business operations.

  • Reduction in overall costs: Since any business runs on a goal of maximum profit and minimal loss, the Cost factor is always compared while hiring an in-house marketing team or outsourcing marketing to an agency. Well, you would be nicely surprised to find that usually, an agency costs less over a period of time as compared to an in-house team.

There aren’t any payroll taxes with agencies as they work as an independent entity. As compared to marketing agencies there are more incurring expenses of having a complete in-house team such as salaries, health care benefits, and other such costs.

  • Partner with industry experts: For most small businesses it is very challenging to hire an entire team of digital marketing experts as it requires in-depth consideration and time. Also, the new team would need time to understand your business goals and requirements.

With a small business marketing agency, you get on board with a team of highly qualified marketing experts who know the inside-out of the marketing industry. Moreover, these experts have already worked on similar lines prior to you and they know what works and what doesn’t.

  • Scalable service: For any company, the scalability of a service is the best bet. And services from small business marketing agencies are no exception. In a normal scenario, as the business grows, you will need to increase the team size as well and this would require additional resources to fuel the expanding business.

Hiring a marketing agency eliminates scalability issues. There are no constraints on you and you don’t need to expand your team. A good marketing company would easily accommodate your growing needs as the business grows. Scalability and flexibility are also of the utmost importance when you are tapping new markets.

Finding the Right Partner to Navigate the Marketing Minefield that Exists Today

Before you start with your search for a marketing agency as your partner, you may want to hold off for a moment. Though there are numerous marketing agencies out in the market, not all of them can fulfill your business goals.

Since marketing is a long, slow, and continuous process, choosing the right partner is paramount. With Bright Owl marketing agency you can access the marketing talent with tested and trusted strategies and help your business grow vertically with their expertise. Give us a call on 1300 720 845 today.

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