You Should Always Aim to Get Maximum Leverage from Your Press Release

Writing and distributing your press release can be tedious at times. And if after putting lots of work and resources to come up with a great press release, you do nothing after sending it out, it would definitely seem like a complete waste of time. I’m sure you want to get the best leverage from the work you put in, right?

Don’t ruin the immense potential of a great press release. Repurposing your press releases allows you to get better results from them in several ways.

If you aim to get more mileage on your press releases, here are some useful tips for you:

Re-word them with a different perspective — sometimes it makes more sense to reorganise the pieces of your press releases even if they seem okay already. Try to find more angles and see if you can have different versions for different audiences.

Turn them into blog posts — you can make your blog into a source of news for the media and your customers. Yes, your press release is meant to get your news out there, but you can post your press releases on your blog so visitors can access them directly. Now, as a recommendation, don’t just copy and paste your press release on your blog, try rewriting them to make them more conversational and less formal for your blog visitors.

Share with the subscribers of your newsletter — your press release can be a source of content for your newsletter subscribers. It’s always a good idea to make your press releases available to your subscribers by spinning them into unique content for a specific audience or summarising them in a concise and actionable way.

Get them showcased in your newsroom — having a newsroom on your website is a great idea if you are serious about getting a ton of media coverage for your business. What this section of your website does is that it acts as a resource for newspaper editors, journalists and reporters who are interested in the coverage of your company.

Turn your press releases into infographics — infographics are growing in popularity and becoming a great tool in the digital marketing space. If you have a press release that contains lots of useful data and statistics, you can take out the information and use it to make an infographic. With an infographic, you can inform your audience while sharing complex information in a visual and compelling format.

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