9 Reasons Why You Need to do a Marketing Review in Australia

How has your business fared in the past year? Did your promotion strategies bring in more leads, increase sales, or bring you more clients? Whether you feel you had success with your promotions or not, it’s time to carry out a marketing review before deploying your marketing strategy for another year. With a marketing review, you will know the tactics to ditch, the ones to keep, and the ones that need to be tweaked.

1.     There’s been a change in your target market

Are you noticing that you now attract a different kind of audience? As your business evolves, so will your ideal customers. The more you define and pursue your primary business objectives, you will start attracting an audience that takes your offer more seriously, appreciate your relationship, and are open to purchasing your higher-priced products. Aside from the immense benefit you get from the loyalty of these customers, the customers themselves cherish working with you.

Maybe this is the perfect time to revise your target audience, focusing more on this new and more profitable market. With these changes come adjustments to your content, marketing activities, service offerings, and messages.

2. Your messages don’t reach your primary target

Commanding attention in a saturated market is tough. How do you craft a message that breaks barriers and makes your target audience stop, click, and take action when they visit your website?

Customers are actively in search of solutions. Your message should be about how you can help them overcome their biggest challenge, and why they should do business with you and not the competition. Focus on the benefits of your product or services and how it will change their life.

3.     You failed to achieve some of your goals

Well, we’re no strangers to this – we might have had a remarkable year but fell short of our marketing goals. Or perhaps your goal wasn’t clearly defined. Most times, the goals you failed to accomplish weren’t aligned with your vision for your business.

Analyse your goals and identify which ones remind you of your vision. You should discard the ones that don’t. When you set goals that propel you to your destination, you’ll have a better chance of achieving them.

4. Your services and products aren’t useful to your target audience

Packaging and pricing your services and products correctly for your potential customers remains one of the most effective marketing tactics you can use. Do your services and products:

  • Solve the main problem of your ideal customer?
  • Get presented to make your potential clients see your unique skills?
  • Have prices that are within their budget while you make the most revenue possible?

Highlighting the value of your services and products in relation to their needs cuts their perceived risk of doing business with you, making it easier to close the sale.

5.  You lack brand consistency across all your web properties

Your brand isn’t just the image you try to project; it is a reflection of all your actions and moves.

  • Does your brand create the same impression across all web properties?
  • On your website, is there a correct representation of your partners and your offer?
  • Is the message on your website consistent with what you say on your social media channels?

If there are inconsistencies in your marketing tools, your prospects get confused, and it’s a poor reflection on your brand. When you maintain brand consistency across all platforms, you’ll always leave your clients with a satisfying, lasting impression.

6. Your website needs polishing and redesign

Aside from brand inconsistency, does your website reflect your expertise? If not, then you need to redesign it. A poorly designed website reduces your chances of getting noticed.

Having a stunning website and having a robust search engine optimisation and Google Adwords campaign in place is critical to establishing an intimidating web presence. As the engine of your inbound marketing strategy and your web presence, your website allows you to create and promote industry or brand-specific content that can bring in more traffic, clients, and revenue.

7. Your promotional tactics aren’t bringing in leads and sales

You need to monitor your result to see if your promotion activities are improving your business and brand so you can decide whether to continue or make a change. For each of your promotion activities, answer these questions:

  • Does the strategy help you achieve your marketing objectives?
  • Have you gained more brand visibility, sales, and leads through the strategy?
  • What did the campaign cost you, in terms of resources and money?
  • Was the ROI worth all the input?

If a promotion strategy isn’t moving your business close to its objectives, bringing new leads, and making you more sales, you need to pull the plug on that strategy and focus on activities that directly impact your business positively.

8. Make Data Driven Decisions

If you want to improve your marketing strategy then the best way to learn is my analysing the data available to you. You’d be surprised to understand just how much is available for you to access – think of platforms such as Bitly, Google Analytics, Social Media Insights and more. The charts are easy to interpret and will inform you of how potential customers are coming across your site, how long they are staying (Bounce Rate) and what pages or posts they’re clicking on. The great part if this information is often provided in real time. You should check these numbers as often as you can, or at least every month, and watch if you see any market shifts or trends.

9. It Will Help You Stay Organised

We know just how quickly your workload can get out of hand, but taking time out to review and prioritise your marketing strategy is absolutely vital. If, say, you have a time each month (or quarter) where you can schedule and sit down to review your marketing calendar, then it will be so much easier to understand how you are making progress. If something isn’t working, then you don’t want to turn a blind eye on this. You need to sort this out as soon as possible.

Now craft your marketing and promotions plan

Your marketing review has revealed everything you need to know to make changes to your promotions plan. Focus more on what is working and invest (time or money) into other activities that have the potential to improve your results. By reallocating your resources, you may be able to:

  • Adjust your marketing spend without negatively impacting revenue
  • Do more of blogging and relationship building on social media.
  • Invest in Facebook or search engine marketing to bring more targeted traffic to your website.

What marketing method will you be deploying for your business?

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